Annie was born in 1984 and already at the age of 2 she understands that she prefers to deal with colours much more than to fit the red cube in the right squared hole. In pre-school her brilliant teacher senses her artistic potentialities and stimulates her creativity. In primary school she tries to reproduce, using coloured pencils, the pictures of some impressionists (like Monet, Renoir, etc) and to invent some comic strips. After secondary school, during which she produces long series of comic strips and pictures, she prefers to enrol in the Classical studies high school to try to fill up her head, besides nice little pictures, with some culture too. During these 5 years her artistic production drops remarkably, being absorbed by the huge amount of study; this, however, does not stop her hand: very often her notes and translations are impossible to read by her classmates and teachers, being much more similar to a puzzle’s sequence than to actual school notes. Already during the fourth and penultimate year of high school she enrols at the European Institute of Design, clearly demonstrating her strong interest in dedicating herself to Arts. When she starts attending university she expresses all her creativity, even the one lost in the previous years, assimilating everything she could from classmates and professors. Nowadays, even though she has increased her knowledge in the area exponentially, she still keeps on wanting to learn and improve every time she has the opportunity. The more, the better.